Hailing from Corona, California, Gutsaw is a 3-piece death metal band that was formed in 2003 and forged in the era of Showcase Theatre and Chain Reaction. Gutsaw honed its skills and defined their sound by playing with some of the most brutal gore bands of the early and mid 2000s. By the release of their third EP, Gutsaw has been playing some of the heaviest, most brutal, music for nearly two decades.


Gutsaw is Necro Nick on Guitar and Vocals, Dave on Bass and vocals, and Mark on Drums and Vocals. With the goal of pushing metal and gore music to the furthest frontier, Gutsaw’s unique sound comes from blending multiple metal styles, from death and black to grindcore and punk, along with a chorus of three distinct vocal styles from its three members.


  • Instrument: Guitar/Vocals
  • Years: 2003-current
  • Favorite Band: Impaled
  • Favorite Drink: Water
  • Quote: “Biiiiiiiiiiiig Caaaat!”

Mark Rivas

  • Instrument: Drums
  • Years: 2022-current
  • Favoriet Band: Psycropitc
  • Favorite Drink: Any IPA
  • Quote: “Lemme just blast man”

Dave Ingrate

  • Instrument: Bass/Vocals
  • Years: 2003-2005 | 2020-curent
  • Favorite Band: Gorerotted
  • Favorite Drink: Zombie
  • Quote: “GRIND ‘EM DEAD!”


Gutsaw’s new EP “All Lives Splatter” is set to be released on September 30, 2022.

Underground Noise review of GUTSAW’S Fuck Me I’m Dead review, watch the full review below.


For nearly two decades GUTSAW has been shredding and grinding

All Lives Splatter – Sept 30, 2022

Fuck Me…I’m Dead

Optical Hook


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